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23 March 2018

Achievements and Awards

Have Sum Fun Competition Results

Over the last two weeks we had our most successful results ever in the Have Sum Fun competitions. There were over 40 teams in each competition.

Congratulations to the 30 students involved.

Year 7-8 Have Sum Fun 16 March Trinity College

Team 1 (12th place)
Sophie Jensen, Hayah Yasir, Kennice Leong, Elisa Stratton, Cecilia Clennell, Isabel Hughes

Team 2 (5th place)
Athalya Chandra, Caitlyn Traum, Banisha Sekhon, Heidi Leow, Rebecca Rudianto, Millie Hirte
(only 4 questions incorrect)

Year 9-10 Have Sum Fun 16 March All Saints College

Team 1 (Middle place)
Anabel Melang, Goly Tarom, Rachel Kirkman, Nikki Bakhtazad, Bianca Masters, Bree Archer

Team 2 (3rd place)
Aleta Houden, Nahyun Kim, Harriet Jones, Renee Rudianto, Gabrielle Thompson, Menu Gamage

Year 11-12 Have Sum Fun 9 March Trinity College

Team 1 (4th place)
Rebecca Gething, Vivienne Holt, Klaudia Oey, Ilke Dincer, Sophie Lee-Goh, Mignon du Plessis

Peter Chandler
Maths Mentor Coordinator

Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad (OzCLO)

Penrhos College had seven teams recently participate in the Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad (OzCLO) Competition. We had another very successful year with 3 teams achieving Gold, one team achieving Silver and three gaining Bronze. Well done girls!

Jasmine Farghaly - Associate Diploma of Trinity College London

Year 10 Penrhos student, Jasmine Farghaly has been awarded the Associate Diploma of Trinity College London for her piano recital in November 2017.

Her recital program was about 35 minutes and ranged from Scarlatti’s Sonata & Bach’s Prelude and Fugue of the Baroque Period, Haydn’s Sonata of the Classical Period, Chopin’s Polonaise of the Romantic Period to Debussy of the Impressionist Music.

The examiner of Trinity College London flew to Perth to conduct the examination and Jasmine was one of the two candidates who participated in the Piano Performance Exam of TCL in 2017 in WA. Jasmine was also awarded 90 credits, which she may use towards her future study in the Great Britain. Well done Jasmine.

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