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7 September 2018

From the Principal

Mrs Meg Melville

Have you thought about a Boarding Experience for your daughter?

Our Boarding House is an integral part of our Penrhos Community and yet a part that only a small percentage of our school community actually has the opportunity to see. Earlier this year our Year 7 Boarding Mums hosted an Open House for the Year 7 Day Mums, to showcase life as a Boarding family. This was a huge success and we hope to offer this opportunity again next year. Given the success of this venture, our Boarders decided to offer tours of the Boarding House to our staff and day students. Another huge success! Our Year 12 Student Executive also spent a week ‘in residence’ and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Most recently, our Year 2 classes visited our Boarding House as they have been studying the idea of Home and what this may mean for different people. They were most impressed and had many, many questions to ask!

Boarding at Penrhos is a truly unique experience. If you would like to consider the possibility of a short to medium term boarding experience for your daughter, Year 7 to 12, please let me know. The girls would have the opportunity to enjoy the collegiality, the excellent catering and the routine that Boarding offers. Queries may be directed to our Registrar at

Sustainable September

Sustainability is one of the four pillars of the Uniting Church of Australia, along with Social Justice, Community Service and Environmentalism. Penrhos celebrates sustainability across the College and particularly in Junior School. Our Year 1 classes have been working on a project around problem solving to save the Western Swamp Tortoise and the Oblong Turtle. The Year 1s have come up with a really impressive solution! Please see what Allegra and Kiara presented at Junior School Chapel on Monday morning:

Good morning, my name is Allegra, and this is Kiara, and we are from the Year 1 Family. We have been working on a project to help the Oblong Turtles and her cousin, the Western Swamp Turtle. We started this a few months ago when we met our classroom pet Rocky who is an Oblong Turtle. We discovered lots about Rocky, including her features, habitat, diet, what she does and some very interesting facts.

A fact that we found worrying was that a lot of people are polluting Rocky’s habitat and her family are close to becoming endangered. Rocky’s cousin, the Western Swamp Turtle is critically endangered. This made us feel very sad, so we decided that we wanted to make a difference and save Rocky and her family.

We thought a lot about what we could do to help and came up with a great idea. We designed a reusable bag to reduce the amount of plastic ending up in Rocky’s habitat and send out a message to our community. The picture on the bag is of Rocky and she’s saying, ‘Save our native turtles’. We all took part in drawing this design and this is our finished product.

These reusable bags will be for sale for $6 from the Year 1 classrooms. The money we raise will be going to the Perth Zoo Western Swamp Turtle Breeding Program.

We felt very excited, happy and proud that we could help the turtles because we love Rocky very much.

Please see the short video presentation by Year 1 student Priyankka promoting the reusable shopping bags available as the fundraiser.

Thank you

Science Week: a week of incredibly wild and wonderous activities by the Science Department and students.

Book Week: a celebration of the love of literature and reading across Junior and Secondary Schools.

IGSSA Dancefest: a showcase of the considerable dance and choreography skills and talents at Penrhos.

Year 12 Music Recital: an opportunity to see the Year 12 Music students at the absolute peak of their abilities in their final year at the College.

Madonna King: Year 5 & 6 Father Daughter Breakfast

On Tuesday, 18 September, Menrhos has the pleasure of hosting a breakfast with best-selling author, Madonna King. King will discuss her latest book ‘Fathers and Daughters: helping girls and their dads build unbreakable bonds’. A great learning and bonding opportunity for Year 5 and 6 fathers and daughters, book your tickets at

Correction to Email Address

With regard to the contact information provided in the last PCN, please note a correction to the email address for the Church Safe Officer for the Uniting Church, Western Australia,

Coming Up

IGSSA Athletics — best wishes to the team and staff for their countless hours of preparation for this big event next week.

Year 10 Camp — the most anticipated camp experience for Penrhos students at Wooleen Station.

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