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22 March 2019

Early Learning Centre

Chemical Changes

The Pre-Primary students were investigating the properties of matter this week. We talked about ‘chemical’ changes and made slime!

Kindergarten Chicken Hatching — Monday, 18 March

There have been exciting fluffy arrivals in the ELC. We have been incubating fertilised eggs and are pleased to announce all 12 eggs have hatched. Once hatched and dried, we moved the chicks to their enclosure where they get warmth from a heat lamp. We now have a big decision to make; what will we name them? Suggestions are Wobbit, Boc-Boc, Sugar, Chick-a-lickin, Rosie & Ruby.
Eggcellent names – Don’t you think?

Pre-Primary Mosaic Workshop — Monday, 18 March

Being creative and making mosaics to decorate the Early Learning Centre was lots of fun this week. The Pre-Primary students welcome you to visit our Nature Play area to look at their wonderful masterpieces.

Year 1 Relationships

Our Term 1 theme ‘Relationships’ provoked our introduction to the essential question, ‘How best can we ensure everyone thrives?’ Activities such as our ‘Heart Buddy’ program, creating gratitude jars and practising the art of ‘bucket filling’ has scaffolded student’s knowledge on relationships and how to establish, maintain and appreciate these. The ‘You Can Do It!’ keys have been fostered and developed through these activities.

It was lovely to welcome Chaplain Claire to Year 1 to share our gratitude jars and learning with her.

How best can we ensure everyone thrives?

To inquire on our Year 1 essential question, the students are learning the six phases of Lee Crockett’s Solution Fluency. The first phase ‘define’ required the girls to unpack the key words within the question by brainstorming synonyms or their own meaning for each word. This provided the girls opportunities to develop language and thinking skills. It was wonderful to see their enthusiasm in contributing their ideas and gain a deeper understanding.

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