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22 March 2019

Boarding House

Year 11 Dinner Dance

Our beautiful Year 11s enjoyed their dinner dance recently with the theme “A night under the stars”. Our helpful Year 7 boarders enjoyed helping set up the sparkling decorations as the Llew Woodford Centre was transformed.

My Kitchen Rules

Over the past two weeks the Year 10 girls have been competing in their own version of My Kitchen Rules. Groups of two cooked and presented a dish for the rest of the year who each scored the dish based on taste and presentation. Our winners, Kate Marquis and Ava Rawlings prepared a chocolate lava cake with raspberry coulis, which was enjoyed by all.

Adventure World and Bayswater Waves

To beat the summer heat, the boarders went to Adventure World and Bayswater Waves. The announcement of this rec brought about screams of joy! We closed the boarding house for the day and almost the entire boarding house went by bus to Adventure World for rides and slides. Everyone had a great time and the weather was perfect. At Bayswater Waves the girls played on the waterslides, the whirlpool, water playgrounds, waterfalls, and of course, the wave simulation pool.


Many of the girls recently spent the day at AQWA, The Aquarium of Western Australia in Hillary’s.

The girls enjoyed learning about the ocean and viewing all the exciting exhibits at Aqwa. Other schools also attended this rec so it was another opportunity to make new friends. One of the highlights was being able to touch real sharks in the touch pool outside. After our session at Aqwa we walked across to Hillary’s boat harbour.

St Mary's quiz night

Year 7 were invited to St Mary’s for a quiz night. This event was special because every other boarding school participated. The students were reminded that the people in the room would be with them throughout boarding social events for the next 6 years. They were encouraged to step outside their comfort zone and make new, potentially lifelong, friends. Between questions round there were fun activities such as; guessing heads or tails from a coin toss game.

Swimming on Thursday evenings

House mother Erica recently got her bronze medallion, a benchmark lifesavers qualification, meaning she can take the girls to the Penrhos swimming pool. On Thursday the girls were able to splash around in the Penrhos pool under her supervision. Some older girls used this time to swim laps for fitness and to work on their swimming technique while the younger girls used boogie boards, float rings and noodles to play games such as Marco-Polo.

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