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5 April 2019

Junior School

Amanda Young Fair – Friday, 29 March

What a delight to see the girls dress up and participate in such a wonderful day for such a wonderful cause. A big thank you to the parents who supported the initiative so fully both in spirit and with their donations!

JIGSSA Interschool Swimming Carnivals – Thursday, 21 March

Week 8 was busy, with our Year 4-6 girls taking part in the JIGSSA swimming carnivals at various locations. Penrhos was proud to host the Year 4 swimming carnival, in which our girls displayed wonderful school spirit and racing talent. Year 5 girls were hosted by Santa Maria College, and Year 6 by St Mary’s Anglican School. All three carnivals were a great opportunity for the girls to show off their swimming skills and have a great time.

International School Visits – Monday, 25 March

On Monday, 25 March we hosted visiting Principals from schools in Singapore. They were thrilled to see our facilities and the wonderful future-focused learning in our classes, they were also extremely complimentary about the manners and respect that our Junior School girls displayed. The group has now returned to Singapore to share our work in their own school forums. They wished to extend sincere thanks to all, for allowing them to watch and learn from our teachers, and the work we are doing with Lee Watanabe Crockett.

Year 5 Scitech Excursion – Monday, 25 March

The Year 5 students attended Scitech as part of their HASS, Science and Maths studies. From cars and popcorn to rockets and volcanoes, students explored, estimated and predicted their world through booms, blasts and bangs. In ‘Map Your World’, the students explored mapping and navigation using puzzles to collect different layers of their very own map, which were then brought to life through augmented reality! The Planetarium presented the girls with an extraordinary journey into outer Space, leaving them pondering about the possibility of future life on another planet? A great excursion to stimulate curiosity and reflect on the wonders of Science and our world.

Years 4 to 6 Twilight Swim

Congratulations to our Years 4 to 6 Penrhos Twilight Swimming Team for competing at the JIGSSA Meet on Tuesday night at HBF Stadium. All 28 swimmers represented Penrhos with pride and performed extremely well, with some fantastic results. This was the first big competitive swim meet for some of our girls and, with the help of their team-mates, they overcame nerves and butterflies to have an amazing night. Well done girls - it was wonderful to watch you!

This brings our swimming carnivals and the Years 1-6 term swimming to a close. As the swim season comes to an end, I would like to thank our great supporters Mat Lyons and Lee Watkins from Watkins Southside Swim School, who have worked closely with Mr Kenrick Armitage to develop our leading Junior School swimming program - their professionalism and commitment are second to none. Thanks also to Mrs Helen Harding who once again ran our timing and scoring programs for the trials and carnivals without a hitch. Finally, a huge thank you to our amazing Physical Education teachers, Mr Armitage, Mrs Elphick and Mrs Noble for their efforts in such an extremely busy, but beneficial term.

Have Sum Fun Competition

On Saturday, 23 March, Penrhos College hosted the annual Junior Have Sum Fun Competition, administered by the Mathematical Association of Western Australia to facilitate an exciting quiz night format. This year, two teams from the Year 5 & 6 Mathematics Extension classes entered the competition to solve four intense rounds of eight challenging problems, with one of these teams gaining second place.

This is a fantastic effort reflecting the girls’ ability to work cooperatively to solve mathematical questions quickly and accurately. The following girls received a second-place certificate and pen, and are to be congratulated on their efforts: Lilian Cacho, Pearl Hennessey, Youjia Zhou, Tara Sekhon, Alicia Sun and Abigail Alvares. Well done on your wonderful achievement and for representing Penrhos College so well!

Other reminders

Early Arrival at School

A reminder that Morning Duty commences in the Junior School courtyard at 8am. We understand that, on occasion, girls may need to be dropped a little earlier and should be seated in the Junior School reception area after signing in. If you arrive early, you may stay with your child – however, other children should please be directed to the front office of the Junior School Reception and must not be encouraged to stay with you and your daughter. The reception area cannot accommodate a large number of regular early arrivals - if you often need to drop your daughter off before 8am, the College has organised the provision of Before School Care with Camp Australia and you are encouraged to use this facility to alleviate pressure on Junior School Reception. Read more information here and many thanks in anticipation of your support in this matter.

Play on the equipment before and after school

I appreciate that playing on the equipment before and after school seems a nice opportunity unfortunately, we are not insured for out of hours use and we therefore request you do not allow your children to play on any school equipment before and after the school day. Please be understanding of teachers who request your cooperation, as they are following requirements in line with their Duty of Care for students.

Morning ‘pop ins’ in the classrooms to chat with teachers regarding your daughter’s progress

I request that parents respect our teachers’ time and attention needs to be focused on preparation for class each morning. If you wish to speak with your daughter’s teacher, please be encouraged to make appointment rather than try to ‘catch’ them before school, as this is a very busy time for everyone.

You are very welcome to visit the classrooms on Fridays (that are not assembly Fridays for Years 2 to 6) and every Friday morning in the ELC, to look at your daughter’s work and see what’s been happening. Please note that, at this stage in the year, we encourage the girls to be organised, to carry their own possessions into class and to independently settle and prepare themselves for the day.

Money raised ‘For Others’ from Swimming Carnivals

Chaplain Claire would like to thank the wonderful parents who cooked, baked, wrapped and sold food at our recent swimming carnivals. A special thank you also to our wonderful Parent Year Reps who coordinated donations and rostering. We are so proud of the super support that our community can always be relied on to provide! All money raised will go to the Children’s Hospital and the Uniting World Project for Lent Event. The Year 6 carnival raised $722.30, and the Year 4 carnival raised $224.80 – a great result! Thank you all.

Future Event

Year 2 to 6 World Autism Awareness Day Fundraiser – cake stall

Home-made cupcakes & mini cakes with animated themes for Easter will be for sale in the Rixon Theatre Foyer after End of Term Awards on Friday, 12 April (from 9.30am). Funds raised will go to assist Autism West. Thank you to Mrs Kahleel for her wonderful work to ensure that this wonderful organisation is supported fully.

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